Sample Gas Coolers

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Sample Gas Coolers

We have sample gas cooler cooling gas temperature up to 5 degree Celsius for CEMS and gas analysers. We have models of 1, 2, 3 and 4 path systems.

SAMPLE GAS COOLERS are designed as per ISO standards. The sample gas coolers are used for conditioning the sample gas of an Analyzing system.

The water vapor proportion of sample gas affects the analyzing results. Hence it is necessary that dew point of the sample gas is to be kept constant to keep the water vapor proportion constant. This is essential for correct analyzing results. The sample gas coolers cools the humid sample gas to such a low temperature that at no further point of analyzing system the temperature falls below the dew point of the gas. There by making the gas analyzing work much easier.

The sample gas cooler is designed to cool & dry the analyzing gases. It is accomplished by passing the sample gas through a heat exchanger & cooling it down to approximately 5 degree Celsius. The drying of gas is achieved through condensation of water vapor in heat exchanger from where it has to be continuously drained out. They find wide application in cement, petrochemical, steel plants, power generation & process industries.

  • Import substitute product
  • Compact design with high quality aesthetics
  • Highly energy efficient and maintenance free
  • SS 316L gas coils
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Alarms with potential free relays of high temperature & too low temperatures
  • Available in Single, Double and Triple gas paths with 110 / 230 VAC
  • Available in Base mounting, Wall mounting and Standard 19” Rack mounting model